Lordís Day 4 Themes and Divisions


R. Bredenhof

Sinful man trembles before the greatness of God:

  1. Godís goodness and our failure
  2. Godís justice and our punishment
  3. Godís mercy and our hope

Bible readings:Deuteronomy 32:1-47


Excuses thrown out, and salvation laid out!

1.      Our total accountability

2.      Godís majestic personality

3.      Our new responsibility

Bible readings: Romans 2:1-11, 3:1-8, 6:15-23


C. Bouwman


Righteous God punishes sin in this life and the next


1.      This punishment is real

2.      This punishment has a reason

3.      This punishment prompts gratitude


Bible readings:Numbers 11:1-6; 10; 18-20; 31-34


W. Bredenhof


Comforted Christians confess Godís justice


1.      The basis of Godís justice

2.      The demands of Godís justice

3.      The administration of Godís justice


Bible readings:Deuteronomy 7:1-11


Our confession of Godís justice


We see Godís justice:


1.      Vindicated from the beginning

2.      Executed eternally

3.      Uncompromised by his mercy


Bible readings:Luke 16:19-31, Romans 3:1-20


Love compels us to tell the truth about Godís justice


Weíll consider that it is:


1.      Infinite

2.      Eternal

3.      Unchangeable


Bible readings:Psalm 7


ďIs there injustice on Godís part?By no means!Ē


Weíll consider:


1.      What Godís justice involves

2.      How Godís justice is expressed

3.      Why Godís justice is maintained


Bible readings:Job 34:1-20, Romans 9:1-29


C. Stam


The confession concerning the perfect justice of God,


1.      in maintaining his covenant law

2.      in executing his righteous judgment


Bible readings:Exodus 34:1-9


K. Dijk


The confession of Godís punishment of our sin.


1.      God can punish

2.      God will punish

3.      God must punish


Bible readings:none provided in the original source


The enigma of suffering


1.      Why we ask this question

2.      How God gives the answer


Bible readings:none provided in the original source


B. Holwerda


The justice of the Lord


  1. The Lord and the demand of his justice (zijn vorderingsrecht)
  2. The Lord and the requital of his justice (zijn vergeldingsrecht)
  3. The Lord and the redemption of his justice (zijn verlossingsrecht)


Bible readings:Psalm 92


B. Jongeling


We confess Godís faithfulness


  1. To his work
  2. To his Word
  3. To himself


Bible readings:Romans 5:12-21


S. tíHart


Godís mercy is seen in his justice


1.      The price of justice

2.      The cost of mercy


Bible readings:Isaiah 42:1-9, Romans 3